For artists

Will Chernoff here: thank you for taking interest in Rhythm Changes.

What I do

Rhythm Changes is best known as the go-to place online for the Vancouver jazz scene. Currently, I'm the sole author and I make 3 things that you can pitch to:

  • the gig list: a comprehensive list of this month's jazz gigs in Metro Vancouver
  • the free weekly article: delivered by email, a new Canadian jazz album review plus this week's gigs from the list. The reviews also publish to the web
  • the Rhythm Changes Podcast: the only weekly interview podcast about jazz and creative music in Canada (Wednesdays)

I also make the Update, which doesn't accept pitches.

I cover these 3 territories, in this order of priority:

  1. Metro Vancouver
  2. British Columbia
  3. Canada

How to reach out

Please send all pitches to my email, will at rhythmchanges dot ca, and aim for a lead time of four-to-eight-weeks.

Rhythm Changes only accepts unreleased music; please avoid pitching music that has already released.

The required materials, where applicable, are:

  • your artist name
  • release title
  • release date
  • a link to download the audio (mp3 is best), the music's cover image, and at least one photo of you (for bands, group photos are best).

Optional materials include

  • press release
  • pre-save / pre-order link
  • streaming option for the audio

You can let me know any accessibility needs when you contact me.

What happens next

I have less than 100 spots available for pitches in a full year, split between podcast episodes and free weekly articles. That's only about 8 total spots per month. Therefore, I often decline.

You can expect a response from me within 48 hours (see my schedule for exceptions). I aspire to be the easiest blogger for you to work with, so feel free to follow up with me.

FAQs for artists

What do I write in the email subject line?

Including your artist name, release date, and release title in the subject line is a big help.

What do I write in the body of the email?

You don't need much, especially once you've covered all the required materials. Whatever you like!

Do you cover singles?

It's rare; I usually cover albums. However, you can still pitch a single. Maybe that single will lead me to cover the album later.

Do you do music premieres (publishing pre-release)?

No: I only publish after the music has released.

I'm uncomfortable following-up

You are always welcome to follow-up with me when I don't respond to you for several days!

To learn more, visit my about, FAQ, ethics, or podcast info pages.