For businesses

Will Chernoff here: thank you for your interest in Rhythm Changes.

What I do

Rhythm Changes is best known as the go-to place online for the Vancouver jazz scene. Currently, I'm the sole author and I make 3 free media products:

  1. the gig list: a comprehensive list of this month's jazz gigs in Metro Vancouver
  2. the free weekly article: delivered by email, a new Canadian jazz album review plus this week's gigs from the list. The reviews also publish to the web
  3. the Rhythm Changes Podcast: the only weekly interview podcast about jazz and creative music in Canada (Wednesdays)

I also have a subscription product, the Update, where I deliver three stories per week by email.


About the Rhythm Changes Podcast listeners

Since its launch in 2021, the podcast has been listed as a popular Music Interviews entry by Apple Podcasts Canada. The listeners are:

  • over 75% located in the province of BC with the majority in Metro Vancouver; this is an exceptionally local audience for any podcast
  • majority age 27 and under
  • majority identify as male
  • iOS users: majority of listens are on iOS
  • musically active and literate

About the free weekly article readers

The reviews in the free weekly article reach Canadian jazz fans both directly through email and on the web, and the weekly gig listing component of the article makes for a loyal email readership.

Please send all sponsorship inquiries to my email, will at rhythmchanges dot ca.

The requirements are the following:

  • Your business must have an address in Metro Vancouver
  • I must have used your product(s) / service(s) and be familiar with what you do – this should be the first purpose of the inquiry if it hasn't happened yet
  • Indicate which product / service and call to action you would like me to focus on.

How much does it cost to sponsor?

I book sponsorships by the quarter and will offer you options for different amounts of inventory within the 3-month period.

How do I know what my sponsorship will look/sound like when you read my sponsorship on the episode?

Before invoicing you, I will make you a draft to solicit your feedback.

Do you copy and paste the same audio for every podcast episode I'm sponsoring?

No, I do new readings each episode with slight variations and context.

Reading the Update

I write three Updates per week and deliver them to you by email; you can subscribe here.

Can I read the updates in other ways besides email?

Yes! You can visit the site, and/or add to your feed reader.

Do I need to pay with credit card, or are there other options?

Please see the questions below and contact me directly.

Can I expense my Rhythm Changes Update subscription?

There's a good chance, for those who work in the Canadian arts industries. You'll need a custom invoice from me, which comes with a corporate or group subscription: see the next question below.

If you're a sole proprietor / principal of a solo corp / etc. and still want a custom invoice, please reach out after signing-up (can be for free at first).

Can I buy a corporate / non-profit / group subscription?

Yes, I can arrange this with you – and customize an invoice – after you sign-up (for free at first) with your business email address. All recipients must have their own email address at your business' domain name, recommended minimum 5 people.

With this custom invoice, you can also arrange an alternative payment method, in case it makes sense for your business to pay via transfer/PayPal/etc. instead of credit card.

I can offer a special rate for the group subscription if your group is at a registered charitable organization.

To learn even more, visit my about, FAQ, or ethics pages.