Before Rhythm Changes, I worked in a variety of roles throughout the first 10 years of my music career, even releasing my own music.

Integrity is important to me. Here's a breakdown of how I operate:

  • No payment for coverage. I never charge artists to be covered and no-one can pay for influence over whom I cover, or what I say about anyone or anything.
  • No editorial control for the subject. Though I clear speaking terms with people, making sure I know what's on-the-record and what isn't, I don't allow anyone I cover to sign-off on my content before publication.
  • No editorial control for sponsors, no sponsorship of own music content. When I have local sponsors who may hold rights to the music covered on Rhythm Changes, I never run the sponsorships on content that features 'their' music. And of course, the sponsors have no input on the coverage of 'their' music.
  • I don't ask for complimentary tickets. When someone gives them to me on their own accord, I disclose that fact in any coverage I make. Otherwise, I buy my own admissions like anyone else.
  • Your pre-release music is safe with me; I often need those links and files, but I never share them.
  • No gifts of material value from people I cover. My bar for this isn't firm but I'd say around $40 and up is uncomfortable.
  • No coverage of my employer(s). In my day job, I provide my services to Greenleaf Music, Inc. on an ongoing basis; I don't cover Greenleaf Music artists or releases on Rhythm Changes, and they may not sponsor any of my content. But, of course, I have covered many previous Canadian clients and colleagues.

Recordings and music sales

I don't aim to benefit from sales of the music I cover; the primary editorial goal is not to sell my own music.

But sometimes in the Update, on the podcast or in the free weekly article, I might 'cover' my own releases or songs.

When this happens, I promise to add a disclosure: here's an example.

Also, I sometimes promote my own upcoming projects in little bits throughout my content.