Pat's Pub: Jazz at the Pat

A fan page for Jazz at the Pat gigs and commentary on recent ones.

Jazz at the Pat (stylized as Jazz @ The Pat) runs on Saturday afternoons, with three sets of music between 2:00pm and 6:00pm. Sharon Minemoto is the source of news about the bookings on the Facebook group.

Like jazz at the Tangent, Jazz at the Pat does not take reservations, charge cover, or sell tickets at this time.

Recently published about Pat's jazz gigs

  • Thad Bailey-Mai's Superpower – March 12, 2022: Thad Bailey-Mai on trumpet, David Blake on guitar, Conrad Good on bass, and Joe Poole on drums; as well as two guests on some numbers, Vince Mai on trumpet and Kria Wall on vocals.

Why I’m a fan of Jazz at the Pat

This venue has hosted a long-running jam session which I attended as a young student.

It's a place to be seen, to meet people, and to participate more in the Vancouver jazz scene.

I wish that many more people can have this experience at Jazz at the Pat! That’s why I’m a fan and have this page.