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John Gross, Fraser, Lachance | Tangent Nov. 11, 2021

John Gross on saxophone, Jimi James Fraser on trumpet, and André Lachance on bass.

This Tangent trio features John Gross on saxophone, Jimi James Fraser on piano, and André Lachance on bass. They perform at the Tangent Cafe on Thursday, November 11, 2021.

Whenever you get to hear someone with John’s experience, combined with great local talent, don’t miss!

The musicians: John Gross, Jimi James Fraser, André Lachance

Find John Gross at his website. Check out his Wikipedia page.

Find Jimi James Fraser on Instagram.

Find André Lachance at his website. Follow and listen to him on Bandcamp. He’s back for a second consecutive night at the Tangent!

I know that John played at Ilhan Saferali’s short-lived, pre-covid series called Memorial Jazz Space. Wish I had made it out to that one, but this Tangent gig will be great!

This trio has one of the classic Tangent lineups — a quartet without the drums. It’s a small stage. André’s choice of electric bass allowed him to sit next to everyone. Not sure if that’s why he picked electric this time, or if he just wanted a change from last night. Busy guy!

I’m grateful and excited for the chance to hear John Gross for the first time, live. Hope you can join as well, and that he has many more chances to perform in this city going forward.

By Will Chernoff

William Ross Chernoff—known as Will to friends and colleagues—is a jazz musician, podcaster, YouTuber, and writer. He records and performs under his own name, William Chernoff.