Just ask people

Simplify decision-making by asking your people.

Just ask people

How big of a venue should you try to book for your next gig? Just ask people if they'd show up.

How many CDs should you manufacture? Just ask people if they'd buy one.

What should your crowdfunding goal be? Just ask people if they'd back you.

Who should you feature on your next recording project? Just ask people who they'd love to hear on a track with you.

Who should you use as a 'recommended if you like' artist reference? Just ask people which artists they associate with you.

Should you start a Patreon or some other subscription? Just ask people if they'd support you at a certain price you've made up.

Should you send a newsletter weekly or monthly? Just ask people which frequency they want. When they sign up, give them the option of checking-off which frequency they prefer. Make the monthly one a stitch-together of the short weeklies. After a couple months, shut down the one that isn't as popular (there will be a more popular one).

Should you press vinyl records even though shipping them to customers is expensive? Just ask your local supporters about whether or not they'd attend a pop-up event and figure out how many copies you could sell there.

Should you be worried about ending something you've started but clearly isn't working for you? Just ask people if they mind you switching up your project to something better.

The answer to every should question begins with just ask people. Your people.

Don’t have enough people to ask? Focus on that first and everything else will come after.