Podcast guest guide

Welcome to the Rhythm Changes Podcast, and thank you for being generous with your time.

This guide is for recording episodes in-person, in New Westminster at Will Chernoff's home office. That's me, and my home!

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You'll get the address once we confirm booking, if you don't have it yet.

You can park on the street, or take transit to 22nd Street SkyTrain station and then walk or bus in for about 10-15 minutes.

  • There's no video
  • It's not live (feel free to rephrase or gather your own thoughts)
  • We'll set aside a couple hours (if we haven't talked time yet, all good – it's based on your availability)
  • New episodes come out on Wednesdays

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A real human who appeared on the podcast has asked each of these questions. If your question isn't listed here, email me.


Will we do a pre-interview?

No, because usually we've already met and/or know each other a bit. If that's not the case, you’re welcome to request a pre-chat. We can do it in 15 minutes online, or hang out in-person.

How long will recording take?

These days, I aim for about 60 minutes of recording time. It can go longer if we like!

Does the podcast have video?

No, I don't record any video.

Am I 'live' as soon as we sit down in the room?

No—you'll check in and provide consent before any real recording happens. Sometimes I record pre-roll to set volume levels, but I don't use any of the audio before the point when I ask if you're ready.

What if I'm running late?

If you don't arrive within 30 minutes of the start time, the booking is cancelled and I might offer to reschedule.

Why do you insist on recording in-person and not just remotely/online?

My goal for our episode is to have the most fun, memorable, and interesting time possible with you. I believe that choosing to record online, if we're able to record in-person, would run directly counter to that goal.

Recording & editing

How do I make my voice sound good on your recording?

  • Have the mic positioned at an angle toward you, from the side; I'll set it up for you
  • Keep the mic just above chin level (not riding up toward your nose)
  • Stay relatively close to the mic
  • Speak at a solid volume most of the time (the majority of guests tend to err on being quiet, without thinking; you're probably not too loud!)

Do you have a washroom available?


Will I hear my own voice while we record?

No, we don't wear headphones or hear monitors of our own voices.

I have accessibility questions

Contact Rhythm Changes with your questions. We'll figure out the best solution to meet your needs.


Is explicit language allowed?

Ultimately yes. I used to edit it all out, but now that I do longer in-person conversations, it's okay if that's the conversation style we're going for. The majority of episodes just don't happen to be in that style.

Can I send edit notes, or hear the episode before it comes out?

During the recording, if you want something 'off-the-record' or 'edited out', you can tell me about it. I honour 100% of these requests, always.

However, I don't accept edit notes after the recording has stopped.

I don't provide advance listening for guests.

Why don't you play tracks/snippets of guests' music on the show?

It's a copyright gray area that I choose not to play in. I'm aware that other podcasts do this, it's just my editorial decision here.

When do you release new episodes?

Wednesdays at 6am local time. The frequency is a rough monthly, not fixed to every 4-weeks. Follow the podcast feed in your app of choice, and you'll see your episode as soon as it comes out.

Thanks again!

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