Tyrant Studios jazz: downtown Vancouver

A fan page for Tyrant Studios Friday Jazz gigs and commentary on recent ones.

Jazz at Tyrant Studios runs on Friday nights (and now Saturdays, sometimes, too!), with two sets of music between 9:30pm and 11:30pm. Daniel Deorksen is the source of news about the bookings on the venue's Instagram account.

Unlike jazz at the Tangent, Tyrant Studios requires that you purchase tickets to the gigs.

Background on the venue

Originally, Tyrant Studios started presenting in May 2018, according to Lucy Lau of The Georgia Straight. The current format of Friday Jazz may have started around September 2019, according to this event listing on MyVanCity.

Why I’m a fan of Tyrant Studios

This venue was the first one at which I performed, after releasing my first recordings.

It has the most distinctive vibe of all the small, local jazz venues, and I've heard from multiple musicians that its in-room sound is some of the best.

I wish that many more people can have this experience at Tyrant Studios! That’s why I’m a fan and have this page.