Rhythm Changes is best known as the go-to place online for the Vancouver jazz scene. Every weekday, Will Chernoff publishes coverage of creative music in Canada that you won't find anywhere else. Tap into a music website and podcast where you can be heard, and hear about the people in your community.

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What people say about Rhythm Changes

  • "Will Chernoff's doing great things" - Cory Weeds
  • "very cool" - Coastal Jazz & Blues Society
  • "stepping up to spread the word about all the great music" - Nou Dadoun

Why it exists

When it comes to being a music fan, getting involved locally is how you feel like you belong. And musical culture has always been a route to expression: a way to overcome conformity.

With Rhythm Changes, I'm risking my own money and time to serve an under-served community. Here are some reasons why I do it:

  • To save you time and energy: spend less time scrolling through social media, without compromising your love of the music
  • To give you a unique perspective: high-quality writing that pays attention
  • To have fun. This music brings me joy.

What I do

  • The gig list for the Vancouver jazz scene, full of live music events each month
  • The free weekly article that gives you a great artist, event, or recording to enjoy and share – and delivers you this week's events from the gig list
  • The Rhythm Changes Podcast: the only weekly interview podcast about jazz and creative music in Canada
  • The Update, where you get full access to my writing and engage with a different aspect of what I do

About me: Will Chernoff

I've been self-employed my whole life, working in music for 10+ years in Vancouver, BC. I started Rhythm Changes in 2020 and made local music journalism my part-time job in 2022.

I continue to teach music lessons and offer professional services to pay the bills. Previously, I worked at North Shore Celtic Ensemble starting in 2014, co-founded a band called Early Spirit, and made my own original music.

My favourite moments at work are the conversations before shows, in the intermissions, and after shows.