You can send all correspondence for Rhythm Changes to my email, will at rhythmchanges dot ca.

What can I send?

You’re welcome to send upcoming music releases, or these things:

  • Feedback and suggestions for the website. Thanks for your help!
  • Podcast guest inquiries — I book almost every episode of the Rhythm Changes Podcast editorially, but you’re welcome to try and find a fit. Please send with your podcast inquiry: the project you’re promoting, a link to the guest’s website, and link to a photo of the guest along with the photographer attribution.
  • Sponsorship inquiries — if you’d like to sponsor our podcast and/or website targeted at Vancouver, BC, and Canada’s musicians and fans, I can provide some audience data and work with you to set that up.

When the site has limited editorial space, I focus on these territories, in this order:

  1. Metro Vancouver
  2. the south coast of BC including Vancouver Island
  3. the province of BC
  4. the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba or the three northern territories
  5. Canada
  6. The rest of the world

When sending your upcoming music, please consider these guidelines:

Submit unreleased music. Our lead time is usually around 4 weeks, so I rarely start writing about a new submission that has already released.

  • Checklist of things to include:
    • release date
    • title of the project
    • link to stream or download the audio
    • link to the cover image for the release and/or photos of the artists
  • Optional:
    • press release
    • pre-save link from the distributor
    • Link to your Bandcamp (only if you will release this project there)
  • Please don’t send:
    • any email attachments (I might not receive your email if you do)
    • mailed CDs

If I’d like to interview the artist, I will ask permission to speak in English via phone, Zoom, Signal, or Telegram. Please respond with any accessibility needs.

Also, we always want to hear from you if:

  • someone has asked directly for your payment in exchange for adding music to a Spotify playlist, which violates Spotify’s Terms section 9.13 (this is not the same as payment for consideration of your music on Submithub/etc., which is okay)
  • someone you know has purchased artificial streams or video views in bulk, which is fraud
  • you quit your subscription to a streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music—cool, tell us more about what you’re up to!

We don’t accept postal mail at this time–but we’re working on it!