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I have informational pages for artists, for businesses, and for publicists; as well as for podcast guests online and in-person. Learn more there if you suit one of those categories.
Please refer to Rhythm Changes' schedule to check whether or not I have days off or how long the lead time currently is.

Help & support

  • Errors: I appreciate all notice about incorrect things that I've published. When you report errors to me, I add corrections to those articles or podcast episode descriptions.
  • Feedback: please send your opinions, questions, or feedback in response to anything I publish, as I've reconsidered some of my past conclusions thanks to readers like you.
  • Technical: let me know when something on the website or podcast doesn't work for you. Also, you can find subscriber-only information about the Update here, and you get some details about the free weekly article on a welcome page when you sign-up for it.


  • Alternative music platform news – you have done something noteworthy on an alternative platform for music, like Ampled or Resonate (or anything else that's more niche than Bandcamp).
  • Newsworthy information about people, businesses, or current events related to music in Metro Vancouver – I respect your privacy. For the most-sensitive information, postal mail is the most-extremely private way to go. You can find my mailing address at the bottom of all email products sent by Rhythm Changes. But for most purposes, a phone call or a request for my Signal/Telegram/WhatsApp number will do.
  • Pay-for-playlist tips – someone has asked directly for your payment in exchange for adding music to a Spotify playlist, which violates Spotify’s User Guideline #8 (this is not the same as payment for consideration of your music on Submithub/etc., which is okay).
  • Streaming fraud tips – someone you know has purchased artificial streams or video views in bulk, which is fraud (this is obviously not the same as buying ads to gain streams and video views, which is okay).