Rhythm Changes publishes multiple days per week at 6:00 AM Pacific Time (PT) from Vancouver, BC, Canada. The publisher and de facto editor-in-chief is me, Will Chernoff.

You can contact me via will at rhythmchanges dot ca. To send promotional, bulk email like press releases and mailing lists, please send to the following email address only: gigs at rhythmchanges dot ca. One-on-one email is always okay to my personal email address.

Lead time

If you are an artist or a publicist, you may wish to pitch a new, upcoming album for the next reviews issue or let us know about an upcoming special occasion in Metro Vancouver.

You can also send information about gigs. The gig list is a monthly webpage. For the full gig list with the most up-to-date information across the entire month, visit The required information is:

  • start time
  • venue
  • band billing, including all musicians playing (I may alter the billing to fit the gig list's style)
  • admission price and, if tickets are required, a ticket link

Publishing schedule

  • Monday
  • Tuesday: free weekly email
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday: Subscriber Fridays for paying supporters of the website

Time off

Free weekly emails are underlined; The Update editions are in plaintext.


  • Fri, Mar. 29; Tue, Apr 2 - Good Friday & Easter weekend
  • Fri, May 17; Tue, May 21 - May long weekend
  • Tue, Aug. 6; Fri, Aug. 9; Tue, Aug. 13; Fri, Aug. 16 - summer break
  • Fri, Dec. 20; Tue, Dec. 24; Fri, Dec. 27; Tue, Dec. 31 - winter break