Alex Marr & Tess Meckling - Sugarfungus

Alex & Tess talk about their indie rock band, Sugarfungus; and the band's first EP, Letting Go, Moving Still.

Press photo for Sugarfungus featuring Alex Marr & Tess Meckling, cropped and edited for the Rhythm Changes Podcast
L-R: Alex Marr, Tess Meckling. Sugarfungus contributed the original photo for this episode. Gabrielle Savage is the photographer.

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Alex Marr & Tess Meckling talk about their indie rock band, Sugarfungus; and the band's first EP, Letting Go, Moving Still. Alex plays bass, and Tess sings, in the five-piece band.

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We talked about:

  • How Alex got the bass sound for Sugarfungus. My favourite track is "Retrospect", but the bass also pops out from the first notes of the first track, "Catch and Release"
  • How the band members cross over and bring in their own songs, even bringing parts to other members' instruments
  • Which of the songs arrived fully formed
  • Tess' shifts in vocal register from one song to another, and whether or not she intended to do it
  • How Sugarfungus decided which singles to release ahead of the EP release for Letting Go, Moving Still
  • The oddity of their most successful song to date having a non-traditional form
  • What their first editorial playlist placement felt like
  • The value Alex gained from a consulting call with Music BC
  • What happens in the workflow when one song goes from each band member to the next, collaborating online
  • The asynchronous production style in Sugarfungus, which would be the envy of some software development companies
  • Ivan Barbou and his work on the songs' demo tracks
  • The local bands who are the biggest influences on Sungarfungus
  • The band members who curated their artist playlist on Spotify, Sugary Fun Tunes
  • The arrangement choice that Alex and I agree on as our favourite across the EP's track list
  • Why the severe jazzheads are coming for Tess, and where Sugarfungus fits into Tess' journey as a vocalist
  • What Alex and Sugarfungus will do with the FACTOR Artist Devleopment grant
  • The meaning of the EP's title