Amanda Sum - New Age Attitudes

Amanda talks about her upcoming album, New Age Attitudes. She released the title track single on April 22, 2022.

Amanda Sum - New Age Attitudes
Amanda Sum. Photo by Belen Garcia

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Amanda Sum talks about her upcoming album, New Age Attitudes. She released the title track as a single from the album on April 22, 2022.

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Cover art for "New Age Attitudes" by Amanda Sum

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New Age Attitudes, by Amanda Sum
track by Amanda Sum

Following up

People whom we mentioned

  • We talked about the heat wave of June 2021 in BC: Amanda played her Vancouver International Jazz Festival gig during the peak of the heat wave, and I have a memory from recording my episode with Marina Hasselberg during that peak weekend
  • Amanda has worked in the theatre world with Andie Lloyd
  • Jamie Lee, who leads her own trio and made the UJUSUN project last year, plays drums with Amanda. They have worn some unique costumes for their gigs together
  • Amanda cites Carole King as a reference; Earth Tones, who are a band I first covered last year, covered an entire album by Carole King at Guilt & Co. a while back. The early-show lineup was out the door
  • Emily Best recently came on the show with great vocal harmonies from her album, like what you hear on "Cops" by Amanda


Bringing in other relevant sources

  • Amanda studied theatre at Simon Fraser University (SFU), where she met the people behind Rice & Beans. They have also collaborated with Andie and their mutual friends in theatre
  • Stir Vancouver interviewed Amanda Sum here, which gave her and I a jumping-off point to talk about balancing music and theatre work
  • Amanda is working with Theatre Replacement on a special project related to her album
  • The recording and mix engineer for New Age Attitudes is the now-late Olivia Quan