Arvind Ramdas - Homage at Frankie's

Arvind talks about his May 29, 2022 gig at Frankie's Jazz Club.

Arvind Ramdas - Homage at Frankie's
Arvind Ramdas contributed the original photo for this episode.

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Arvind Ramdas talks about his upcoming performance at Frankie's Jazz Club under the ensemble name Homage. There, he will play drums alongside Brad Turner on trumpet, Jon Bentley on saxophone, David Sikula on guitar, and David Caballero on bass.

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People whom we mentioned

  • David Sikula, among everything else he does as an audio engineer and producer, played guitar in March 2022 at the last stop on Virginia MacDonald's jazz tour to BC
  • Arvind has a rock band with his brother called BREAKDOWNPANDA, which they started in their home city of Bengaluru, India
Moronic Outbursts, by BREAKDOWNPANDA
4 track album


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