Catherine Wilson - Euterpe: Music is the Key [EP.38]

Euterpe is a jazz and classical performance non-profit. Catherine is the founder; she’s a concert pianist in Toronto.

Catherine Wilson - Euterpe: Music is the Key [EP.38]
Catherine Wilson. The original photo for this episode comes from Euterpe’s website.

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Catherine Wilson joins from Toronto to talk about her high-calibre performance initiative, Euterpe: Music is the Key.

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Catherine is the artistic director of a long-running chamber music group called Ensemble Vivant, and she is the founder of Euterpe Corporation, which has been a registered non-profit charity since 2006.

We talked about:

  • The problem of students not receiving enough music programming from a school curriculum: awakening children to the possibility of playing
  • How Euterpe received $57,200 from the Canada Council for the Arts to produce video versions of their programming and to make it available across Canada
  • Who performs for Euterpe: Ensemble Vivant
  • Students lacking exposure to classical and jazz music
  • Loosening up students and allowing them to move
  • My favourite bass player of all time from when I was in high school, who works with Catherine in Euterpe
  • Other great bass players with whom Catherine plays piano: George Koller & Dave Young
  • The great Rick Wilkins
  • Ensemble Vivant's next album, iFUGUE (A World of Fugues); coming out on March 31, 2022
  • Playing the music of Astor Piazzolla (whom Claude Giguère introduced me to!) and the works of many classical composers
  • A tie-in with McMaster University, where Emily Wood studies
  • The late composer John Burke and his contributions to iFUGUE