Catherine Wilson - Euterpe: Music is the Key

Euterpe is a jazz and classical performance non-profit. Catherine is the founder; she’s a concert pianist in Toronto.

Catherine Wilson - Euterpe: Music is the Key
Catherine Wilson. The original photo for this episode comes from Euterpe’s website.

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Catherine Wilson joins from Toronto to talk about her high-calibre performance initiative, Euterpe: Music is the Key.

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Catherine is the artistic director of a long-running chamber music group called Ensemble Vivant, and she is the founder of Euterpe Corporation, which has been a registered non-profit charity since 2006.

We talked about:

  • The problem of students not receiving enough music programming from a school curriculum: awakening children to the possibility of playing
  • How Euterpe received $57,200 from the Canada Council for the Arts to produce video versions of their programming and to make it available across Canada
  • Who performs for Euterpe: Ensemble Vivant
  • Students lacking exposure to classical and jazz music
  • Loosening up students and allowing them to move
  • My favourite bass player of all time from when I was in high school, who works with Catherine in Euterpe
  • Other great bass players with whom Catherine plays piano: George Koller & Dave Young
  • The great Rick Wilkins
  • Ensemble Vivant's next album, iFUGUE (A World of Fugues); coming out on March 31, 2022
  • Playing the music of Astor Piazzolla (whom Claude Giguère introduced me to!) and the works of many classical composers
  • A tie-in with McMaster University, where Emily Wood studies
  • The late composer John Burke and his contributions to iFUGUE