Chet Doxas - Rich in Symbols II, Jazz & Visual Art

A Group of Seven painting for every track

Chet Doxas - Rich in Symbols II, Jazz & Visual Art
Photo: Evan Shay

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Chet Doxas talks about his album Rich in Symbols II, which he released from Brooklyn on September 9, 2022. The album is dedicated to Canada's Group of Seven painters, plus two often associated artists, Tom Thomson and Emily Carr.

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Chet's collaborators for Rich in Symbols II are Jacob Sacks on keyboards, Joe Grass on guitar, pedal steel and banjo, Zack Lober on bass, and Eric Doob on drums.

Chet turns the tables on me at time 33:42; stick around for that!

Rich in Symbols 2 - The Group of Seven, Tom Thomson & Emily Carr, by Chet Doxas
7 track album

1. Hillside, St.-Tite-Des-Caps 1937

The Slopes of Saint-Site-des-Caps - A.Y. Jackson
A.Y. Jackson

2. Snow Clouds

Snow Clouds - Franklin Carmichael
Franklin Carmichael

3. The Jack Pine

The Jack Pine - Tom Thomson
Tom Thomson

4. Tree Trunk

Tree Trunk - Emily Carr
Emily Carr

5. North Shore (Lake Superior)

North Shore (Lake Superior) - Lawren Harris
Lawren Harris

6: House of Ypres

House of Ypres - A.Y. Jackson
A.Y. Jackson

7: The Front of Winter

The Front of Winter - J.E.H. MacDonald
J.E.H. MacDonald

Chet Doxas bio

Raised in Montreal in a musical family, Chet’s love of music was fostered by his father, a professional musician, teacher, recording engineer and producer; and his older brother and drummer, Jim, with whom he regularly performs.

Chet’s band, Rich in Symbols, is an ensemble whose repertoire is informed by his love of the visual arts. The music for this group is composed as Chet visits museums and stands in front of his favorite works with blank manuscript paper. Later, the music and a projection of the work are presented simultaneously with live musicians in a concert setting.