Chris Blaber - Ecstatic Waves

Chris discusses handling many projects, growing pains in the arts, and the physical demand of musicianship.

Chris Blaber - Ecstatic Waves
The original photo for this episode comes from Chris Blaber's website. A. Hill Photography is the photographer.

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Chris Blaber meets me to discuss handling many projects, hardships, and growing pains in the arts—as well as the physical demands of being a musician.

We talked about:

  • The Woodstove Festival
  • Playing Balkan folk music with Mike WT Allen, Ashton Sweet, and more in Balkan Shmalkan (kind of like my friend Steve Clements)
  • Dance’s role in folk music
  • Scrap Arts Music, with whom Chris plays and briefly moved to Victoria to work (founders Gregory Kozak and Justine Murdy; fellow percussionists Masako Hockey, Alex Campbell, Kristin Klehr)
  • Composing at Simon Fraser University and working with the Burnaby Arts Council in a 12-week project (David Knights Cowling involved)
  • Practicing for an audition
  • Ecstatic Waves projects with Jaya Story, Erica Regehr, and Nadia Schibli
  • Physical recovery for musicians (pair with Emily Wood and her insights on music and the brain)r
  • When to take vacations to rest your chops
  • Practicing slowly to learn how to move better
  • Differences between athletics and music (comes down to goals)
  • Getting better without hurting yourself
  • touring in BC by bike in 2018