Cory Weeds - Fraser MacPherson Jazz Fund, Just Coolin'

Cory joins Rhythm Changes in conversation for the first time

Cory Weeds, cropped and edited for the Rhythm Changes Podcast
Cory Weeds on tenor saxophone

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Cory Weeds joins us for the first time. He is a saxophonist, the founder of Cellar Music Group, and the president of the Fraser MacPherson Jazz Fund.

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Cory is known in Vancouver for owning the Cellar from 2000 to 2014, booking Frankie’s Jazz Club, and hosting Condition Blue on bside radio Wednesdays from noon to 2pm.

His most recent album as a leader is Just Coolin’, released this past winter.

Just Coolin’, by Cory Weeds
8 track album

Album art: Just Coolin' by Cory Weeds

Graphics by John Sellards

Something new

After recording this episode, Cory and I decided to start a new podcast together, Jazz Office Hours. Tap that link to learn more.

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