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David Lavoie & Carson Tworow – Urban Repurpose [EP.14]

David Lavoie & Carson Tworow on the Rhythm Changes Podcast

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, David Lavoie & Carson Tworow talk to me about their new album Urban Repurpose, a new development on their multi-year partnership previously known as Chill Evans.

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Rhythm Changes Podcast topics

photos: Marie Catafesta (still), Steph Townsend

  • The connection to a store named Urban Repurpose at Park & Tilford in North Vancouver
  • The roots of their collaboration as samplers and beatmakers in North Van
  • What it’s like to work as a production team with another artist (Nina Soro, “Pennies for Christmas”)
  • The music that Carson and David have released with other ensembles, like tourdefrance (Luke Fantom with Carson) and David Lavoie Quartet (featuring Brad Turner)
  • Changing the name from Chill Evans to their own names, and why they decided to do so
  • Collaborating across cities and Canadian provinces on Urban Repurpose
  • Which tunes are Carson tunes and which are David tunes
  • The instruments they each played on the album

“I would say that this is 100% jazz”

– David Lavoie
  • Working with Inner Ocean Records
  • How do they title the tracks?
  • A type of track title naming where you come up with a title from the first phrase that associates with a melodic fragment
  • The business steps that happened as Carson and David went from finished product to release
  • What they’re working on next
  • Trying the Conversations with Tyler production function question

Top highlight

My top moment was the relatable very last sentence that David said to me before I wrapped up the interview. Stick around for that!

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