Emily MacCallum - UofT Eco-Musicology

Emily talks about her academic and musical path from Langley to Victoria, Europe to UofT, and violin to musicology.

Emily MacCallum - UofT Eco-Musicology
Emily MacCallum contributed the original photo for this episode.

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Emily MacCallum talks about her academic and musical path; from Langley to Victoria, Europe to the University of Toronto, and violin to musicology.

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We talked about:

  • How Emily got into the North Shore Celtic Ensemble community, where we crossed paths; her Scottish family connection and the path to what she was looking for in a music education
  • Going to the University of Victoria to study classical violin: finding an outlet where you get placed into different opportunities with different people
  • A documentary from 2013 that influenced Emily in her UVic years, featuring music from Joshua Bell and Scarlett Johansson
  • The kind of activism to which Victoria lends itself
  • The beginnings of Emily's shift into musicology from being an instrumentalist: her trip to Europe and the project that brought her there
  • Whether musicology is history or science
  • What eco-musicology, sound studies, soundscapes, and acoustic ecology mean
  • What the World Soundscape Project at SFU was
  • Which issues have risen to the front of musicology today, where Emily now finds herself in the academic world
  • Emily's particular issues of choice these days
  • "Pastoral" as a concept from European music
  • Learning two other languages