Haleluya Hailu, Before She Signed with 604 Records

Haleluya talks about her bedroom pop single, "Forgive Me".

Haleluya Hailu, Before She Signed with 604 Records

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Haleluya Hailu talks about the the end of her first year of music studies at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC; which just so happened to be on the cusp of her signing with 604 Records in Vancouver.

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Cover art for "Forgive Me" by Haleluya Hailu

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forgive me, by Haleluya Hailu
track by Haleluya Hailu

Ethan Lum produced "Forgive Me" with Haleluya, featuring violin by Sophia Mancini. Wynne Kwok directed the music video.

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Following up

People whom we mentioned

  • Evan Jacobs, under his artist name Stvrk, mixed "Forgive Me". Emerson covered Stvrk's hip-hop and EDM project called RGB (for red, green, blue) in 2021
  • Haleluya names April Liang as another member of the Sunnyside Collective: a group that she leads. April is also a local, young bedroom-pop artist; I wrote about April's single "333" in 2021
  • David Restivo taught piano and arranging to Haleluya this year; he is an esteemed jazz artist whose album from 2021, Arancina, earned a Juno nomination this year. I reviewed Arancina at the beginning of 2021


Bringing in other relevant sources

  • While Haleluya and her friend Sahati were in high school, they co-hosted a radio show on CJSF 90.1 FM in Burnaby
  • Haleluya performed solo in a showcase event at the Wallflower Diner in April 2022; one of the other performers was Grimm
A GLISTENING BRIDGE APPEARS BEFORE YOU... <3 website: grimm.town instagram: @grimm.wav
  • She also performed at the Smilin' Buddha Cabaret that month, with another act called Cat Larceny
9/10-Jeff Rosenstock (Cat Larceny cover), by Cat Larceny
track by Cat Larceny