Ilhan Saferali, Before He Lived in NYC

Ilhan Saferali talks about coming-of-age in the Vancouver jazz community.

Ilhan Saferali teenage photo
Photo: Bill Yao

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Ilhan Saferali, as a teenager, talks about coming-of-age in the Vancouver jazz community.

We talked about:

  • the Memorial Jazz Space
  • The social factors that supported Ilhan’s development as a jazz musician
  • His friends, like bassist Raphael Agustin and drummer Julian Ferrer
  • Forming a jazz group that can fit onto a bill with Club Sofa
  • How the most active young jazz musicians collaborate across schools now
  • Taking piano lessons with Brad Turner
  • Why he plays piano over trumpet
  • Visualizing music with the piano keyboard, which Ilhan developed under the teaching of pianist Jean-Michel Pilc
  • I expected Ilhan to hang out in a bunch of games or newer social platforms, but he emphasizes Facebook (thanks to his friend David Hodgson)
  • Thoughts on being young and hearing your technique change rapidly
  • Recording anxiety
  • Finding ways every day to wind down
  • Doing album cover art for Brad Turner Quartet with Seamus Blake on Cellar
  • Dealing with ego
  • Moving to Montreal (fuelling Ilhan’s coffee culture passion)
  • What happens in your day-to-day, like your own high school or family, when you start spending so much time on your music
  • I try a take on the Patrick O’Shaughnessy question (Ilhan mentions Daniel Verdecchia, Ben Boardman, and Caity Gyorgy)