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J. Knutson – Early Spirit Reopens [EP.13]

J. Knutson on the Rhythm Changes Podcast

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, J. Knutson talks with me about life in the band Early Spirit, where he is the guitarist and singer-songwriter and I am a former member.

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Rhythm Changes Podcast topics

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  • What time alone has meant for Jay recently
  • Re-starting Early Spirit after downtime, in part thanks to Andy Hillhouse at Harrison Festival
  • What makes a good set list, and how Jay observed Connie Kaldor dealing with it when he toured in her band
  • Jay springing Spirit of the West songs on me live
  • What matters most to Jay about a recording project’s motivation
  • His reflections of the song “Aberdeen”, one of the first ones he performed in Spirit of the West as a co-founder of the band
  • What we can expect from Early Spirit’s next arrangements on their second album
  • Reflecting on the band’s first album, Unrelated, which Jay and I made in 2018 with Gabriel Dubreuil and Ben Kelly
  • What would make a successful album project for Jay today

“Success for me is the ability and the continuation of being able to do what I love”

-J. Knutson
  • Dealing with mortality
  • Bringing in Aidan Goheen as the new bass player after I left
  • What makes good live sound on-stage and front-of-house
  • What sound you want to hear as the performer compared to what it sounds like front-of-house
  • Jay’s Facebook video series (2020-21)

Top highlight

My top moment is when I asked Jay about a certain superstitious backstage thing we did while I was in the band. Stick around for that!

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