Celebrating Episode 50 with Jen Fritz of the FM Podcast

Jen is a publicist who runs Fritz Media and The FM Podcast.

Celebrating Episode 50 with Jen Fritz of the FM Podcast
The original image for this episode comes from Fritz Media's website.

Jen Fritz makes a special appearance to celebrate the Rhythm Changes Podcast's 50th episode. Jen is the founder of Fritz Media, a local music publicity and digital marketing firm; and she is the host of The FM Podcast, which just finished its third season of music business interviews in BC.

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Previously on Rhythm Changes

Because Jen is a publicist, this section is an interesting one for me.

Fritz Media pitches to me like several publicists do. To date, I've published three free weekly articles – one per month this spring – that started with pitches from Jen.

Jazz meets shred guitar
An interview with Keanu Ienco, a 24-year-old guitarist in Nanaimo

First, Keanu Ienco, whom we talk about in this episode. His project was the first time that I gave coverage to one of Jen's clients.

The BC World Music Collective and Home Routes
Recruiting the band for a Travelling Goodtime Medicine Show

Then, Jen pitched me a concert series which spanned across the country, and I covered our local leg of the series.

The Blue and Gold
Self-titled acoustic blues and roots album both fun and cathartic

And third (so far), I received this blues album and enjoyed it enough to publish.

By coincidence, Jen is the first Fritz Media affiliate to appear on the Rhythm Changes Podcast.

Following up

Jen and I both talked about our podcasts. Here are the past episodes that I brought up to her:

David Blake - The Tangent Café Era [S.1, EP.6]
David Blake pays tribute with me to the first 7-year run of jazz at the Tangent Café in Vancouver.

I mentioned this well-loved episode from deep in the back catalogue.

Mary Chernoff - Inspire [EP.28]
Inspire is Mary’s first book about creative living. She originally self-published it from New Westminster in 2017.

I also emphasized what my mother taught me about self-employment survival skills.


And here are Jen's episodes that we referenced:

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