John Oliver - A Thousand Points of Light

John’s conscious, avant-garde music took off on Bandcamp through his Tao 20 Tree Temple project after this conversation.

John Oliver - A Thousand Points of Light
John Oliver contributed the original photo for this episode. Seiya Oliver is the photographer.

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, John Oliver talks about all the music he’s released in fall 2021, including A Thousand Points of Light, and how artists interact with the people or issues of their time.

We talked about:

  • The theme of A Thousand Points of Light and how relevant it is today
  • The also-relevant theme on Tao 20 Tree Temple
  • The things about art music that make it a strong way to do social commentary
  • John’s thoughts on how to apply for Canada Council funding as a musician or composer
  • My nerdiest question ever, about his history of using music notation software going back a few decades — what was it like in the 90s?
  • How your workflow and tools can affect how inspired your art will be
  • John’s reactions to the music composition classes he sees in high schools
  • Why he feels drawn to working on video components for his new sound art pieces
  • What he finds fulfilling vs. different kinds of media he observes today
  • His thoughts on the activity around the creator economy, a buzzword
  • The problem with Patreon in John’s opinion, from his experience as a user
  • Whether or not subscription businesses suit the preferences of artists
  • What questions the music of the 21st Century will be remembered for asking