Mary Chernoff - Inspire

Mary’s first book about her creative life, stories, and practices is Inspire. She’s my mother, and she sure inspires me.

Photo of Mary Chernoff, cropped and edited for the Rhythm Changes Podcast (Inspire)
Mary Chernoff contributed the original photo for this episode.

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Mary Chernoff talks with her son Will about Inspire: her first book about creative living. She originally self-published it from New Westminster in 2017, then secured wider distribution for it in 2021.

We talked about:

  • The room of Mary’s house where we are for this recording
  • Her daily reading habit
  • What she gets instinctively about how to throw a good party
  • Creating Inspire, editing the book, and having a launch party
  • Publishing it and making the layout with InDesign, doing the hard work herself
  • Her memories of parenting me when I became a teenage musician
  • Lessons from being a self-employed professional for 30 years
  • Doing media for her day job in interior design, talking about recently finished projects
  • Diving into visual art around age 40 and having art shows in Vancouver
  • An idyllic time where she and I made art at home together, when I was a kid
  • Her musical background, including singing in church and playing folk music (similar to what Jonathan Baylis experienced)
  • Ideas for future Mary Chernoff e-books to follow on after Inspire
  • The concerts we’ve seen together and which artists have the most overlap in our lives