Sarah Kennedy - The Beloved

An upcoming vocal jazz project with spiritual and poetry elements

Sarah Kennedy - The Beloved

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Sarah Kennedy talks about her upcoming second album, The Beloved, with Dan Reynolds on piano, Alex Kelley on bass, and Bernie Arai on drums. On the album, she sets poetry to music. She moved from Vancouver to Montreal in 2019, has a Master of Arts in Creative Arts Therapy from Concordia University, and is a certified music therapist.

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Sarah says, on Facebook, that The Beloved will come out soon: "as soon as I find the right venue, and band for a release in Montréal".

Follow her in the meantime:

@SarahKennedy.Music | Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook | Linktree
View SarahKennedyMusic’s Linktree. Listen to their music on Spotify here.


  • The book that provided the lyrics for Sarah Kennedy to make The Beloved: Daniel Ladynski translated Hafiz, who was a Sufi poet in the 14th Century
  • Dan Reynolds’ key role in setting music to poetry from the book
  • The grooves on the album’s different tracks
  • Sarah's experience at Afterlife Studios recording the album in summer 2019
  • The 3 steps of production: get the poem, write the melody, and figure out the arrangement
  • Thoughts on the spiritual jazz genre and Sarah's current influences
  • Band members Sarah has had, including Bill Coon & Chris Fraser
  • A Blossom Dearie song that Sarah has performed, which I heard from Wild Blue Herons last year
  • Our shared origins at the Heritage Grill in New Westminster
  • Physiotherapy work, music therapy, and balancing music with career
  • Sarah's first concert memory: Kenny G & Toni Braxton
  • Going to the CD Baby DIY Musician Conference
  • Moving to Montreal