Upcoming Jazz at Tangent gigs

A fan page for Tangent Cafe jazz gigs and commentary on recent ones.

Previous Jazz at Tangent gigs

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The current run of bookings has 14 gigs in November and December 2021. David Blake posts news about the bookings on his Instagram account.

According to the latest news, the music runs from 8pm to 10:30pm on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

The night includes two sets of music. Sometimes, there’s a little bit of extra music.

The restaurant will add $10 cover charge to your bill, but if you buy $30 food and drink, it’s zero cover.

Bands usually get billed by the last names of each musician, unless the group has a history as a band.

Talking jazz at Tangent on the Rhythm Changes Podcast (2021)

In this Rhythm Changes Podcast episode, David and I discuss many things, including:

  • How David got into booking the Tangent
  • The first gig that he booked
  • Interprovincial performers who came to BC and played there
  • Our university classmates who came down often and also played
  • The large number of guitarists who have played many times there
  • The Tangent staff’s key role in making it a great venue

Check it out!

Why I’m a fan of the Tangent

This venue has been a home away from home for me since 2014.

It was the place where I could go in my late-teens to experience the music I loved. It felt like the right environment to keep us all together.

I wish that many more people can have this experience at the Tangent! That’s why I’m a fan and have this page.