Tangent Cafe jazz

Jazz at the Tangent Cafe runs on Wednesday and Thursday nights, with two sets of music between 8:00pm and 10:30pm.

Curious who is playing this month at the Tangent? Find out on the gig list, updated every month:

The gig list | Rhythm Changes
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Previously at the Tangent Cafe

last two calendar months

  • Feb. 1 - Endeavours ft. Feven Kidane, Parker Woods, Cole Woodland, & Todd Stewart
  • Feb. 2 - David Sikula Trio w/ Jeff Gammon & Joe Poole
  • Feb. 8 - André Lachance Quartet w/ John Gross, David Caballero, & Brad Turner
  • Feb. 9 - Trent Otter Trio w/ Adrian Sowa & Marcus Abramzik
  • Feb. 15 - Tristan Paxton - Andrew Skepasts Quartet w/ Dan Howard & Arvind Ramdas
  • Feb. 16 - Steve Kaldestad Quartet w/ David Sikula, Steve Holy, & Jesse Cahill
  • Feb. 22 - Strange Worlds ft. Dan Gaucher, Alvaro Rojas, & James Meger
  • Feb. 23 - Thad Bailey-Mai Quartet w/ Chris Fraser, Jodi Proznick, & Bernie Arai
  • Mar. 1 - John Gross Trio w/ Bill Coon & Conrad Good
  • Mar. 2 - Sam Dickinson Trio w/ Jodi Proznick & Nicholas Bracewell
  • Mar. 8 - Sharon Minemoto Trio w/ James Danderfer & Conrad Good
  • Mar. 9 - Geoff Claridge Quartet w/ Josh Roberts, Conrad Good, & Bernie Arai
  • Mar. 15 - Chad Makela
  • Mar. 16 - Jared Burrows Trio w/ Russ Botten & Buff Allen
  • Mar. 22 - Junk Story ft. Chad Makela, Brad Turner, James Meger, & Bernie Arai
  • Mar. 23 - Chris Davis Quartet w/ Victor Noriega, Dan Howard, & Arvind Ramdas
  • Mar. 29 - Jason de Couto Trio w/ Alvin Brendan & Nino DiPasquale
  • Mar. 30 - Brent Mah Quartet w/ Chris Fraser, Jeff Gammon, & Arvind Ramdas

Why I’m a fan of Tangent jazz

This venue has been a home away from home for me since 2014.

It was the place where I could go in my late-teens to experience the music I loved. It felt like the right environment to keep us all together.

I wish that many more people can have this experience at the Tangent! That’s why I’m a fan and have this page.

Will Chernoff at the Tangent Cafe
Me at the Tangent! c. 2018 | Photo: Raunie Mae