Tangent Cafe jazz

A fan page for Tangent Cafe jazz gigs and commentary on recent ones.

Jazz at Tangent runs on Wednesday and Thursday nights, with two sets of music between 8:00pm and 10:30pm. David Blake is the source of news about the bookings.

Previously, a recent run of bookings had 14 gigs in November and December 2021; and before that, the Tangent played host to an unbroken, 7-year era of local jazz.

Talking jazz at Tangent on the Rhythm Changes Podcast (2021)

In this Rhythm Changes Podcast episode, David and I discuss many things, including:

  • How David got into booking the Tangent via Andrew Millar and the restaurant's ownership
  • The first gig that he booked there, and how the calendar evolved from Sunday to Thursday to Wednesday
  • Inter-provincial performers who came to BC and played there
  • Our Capilano University classmates who came down often and also played
  • The large number of guitarists who have filled the Tangent calendar
  • The Tangent staff’s consistent hard work in making it a great venue

Why I’m a fan of Tangent jazz

This venue has been a home away from home for me since 2014.

It was the place where I could go in my late-teens to experience the music I loved. It felt like the right environment to keep us all together.

I wish that many more people can have this experience at the Tangent! That’s why I’m a fan and have this page.