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Tim Reinert – The Infidels Jazz [EP.19]

On what it means to be a jazz fan, hosting a radio show in a local scene, and starting a label.

Tim Reinert talks with me about what it means to be a jazz fan, hosting a radio show in a local scene, and starting a label.

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photo by Jennifer Johnston

  • How many albums has Tim bought on Bandcamp?
  • Tim and Kevin McNeilly are the best Bandcamp fan account follows in Vancouver creative music
  • What kinds of jazz Tim likes most, from free jazz to Jen Hodge
  • How historical jazz musicians might react to hearing more modern ones who came after their time
  • Brad Turner and Hugh Fraser definitely stand up to jazz greats when you listen to it all
  • Tim’s and my reasons for each attending Capilano University for only one year

“Any time you do it for love, you’re doing it for the right reason.”

-Tim Reinert
  • How the scene has changed in the last 25 years in broad strokes
  • Jamie Lee love-fest
  • What I’d have to look forward to when given the chance to visit NYC
  • The influence of jazz critics on Tim
  • How he started The Infidels with no radio hosting background
  • Discussing the right level of context to give the listener of a music program
  • Radio shows that feature one jazz tune performed by many different people, on different recordings
  • Our favourite recordings of “Nature Boy”: Laila Biali’s is my pick
  • What it means for Tim to play the music of younger Vancouver jazz artists like Ilhan Saferali
  • How jazz treats its young vs. other genres
  • Some other notable young local jazz players: Matt Franceschini, Todd Stewart
  • The creative and personal way that Tim raised $3,000+ for food banks with his show in 2020
  • Why against all odds, Tim believes there’s no better time to start a label than when he did it last year
  • Kenton Loewen’s special musical concept and how his album with JP got going
  • Tim’s role as producer, and how many times he had gone to see Kenton and JP previously
  • How David Sikula powered the whole project with his recording expertise
  • Tim reveals he already has the next Infidels label release in the can — submitted by another artist
  • His gratitude for living among talented friends, like Sikula and Chris Gestrin

Top highlight

My top moment is when Tim reveals that David Sikula powered the whole It Becomes Us album project with his recording expertise and generosity. Stick around for that!

Find our guest at their website.

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By Will Chernoff

William Ross Chernoff—known as Will to friends and colleagues—is a jazz musician, podcaster, YouTuber, and writer. He records and performs under his own name, William Chernoff.