Podcast Episode

Wild Blue Herons – Darlene Cooper & Bill Sample [EP.25]

On collaborating without judgment

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Darlene Cooper & Bill Sample share their new album, You & I. They released the album with their band called Wild Blue Herons.

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Rhythm Changes Podcast topics

  • The Marcus Mosely Chorale, where Darlene and Bill work together, and their backgrounds in gospel music
  • Why genres didn’t matter as much in the late 60s
  • The conscience of their music and how it matches with what Marcus does
  • Darlene and Bill’s favourite jazz singer and how she inspired You & I
  • The first jazz record that Bill ever got
  • The album about which Bill and Darlene say, “It just seemed to be about us”
  • What changed in their lives between their album from 2017, On the Outside, and releasing You & I now
  • Dropping some more contemporary jazz artist names, some of whom inspired On the Outside
  • An inspiring Vancouver jazz singer who makes Bill & Darlene want to keep playing forever
  • The goosebumps that have fueled Bill through his 50+ year career
  • Bill’s experience playing softball with David Foster, Mark Messier, and other musicians or celebrities during David’s weekend gigs
  • Darlene’s learnings from the community
  • How Darlene grew into her creativity
  • What they’ve learned about collaborating as a couple

“We made a decision when we were starting to write together… No judgment!”

-Darlene Cooper
  • How much deference you should have to your partner’s ideas
  • Bill’s confession about how he got the mix done, with help from Miles Foxx Hill
  • How Darlene and Bill will know when it’s time to work on the next album
  • Another Bill, who does audio post-production: Bill Buckingham (I know him from the recent Descartes for Sheila album by Jessica Heaven)
  • Bill’s new audio production skills that he learned since covid started

Top highlight: Wild Blue Herons

One of my top moments was at the end, when Bill revealed why he and Darlene ended up in Port Moody. It relates to the person who mixed and mastered the album. Stick around for that!

By Will Chernoff

William Ross Chernoff—known as Will to friends and colleagues—is a jazz musician, podcaster, YouTuber, and writer. He records and performs under his own name, William Chernoff.