Will Clements - Don't Miss Me

Will C. & Will C. discuss three classic problems: being too hard on yourself, work-time balance, and avoiding burnout.

Will Clements - Don't Miss Me
Will Clements contributed the original photo for this episode. ShotsbyDess is the photographer.

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Will Clements and I discuss three classic musician problems: being too hard on yourself, work-time balance, and avoiding burnout.

Disclosure: in this episode, the guest and I talk about the recording, "Don't Miss Me (feat. Will Clements)". I, William Chernoff, hold the rights to this recording, as well as some of the rights to the song. If you listen to it, I will benefit financially.

We talked about:

  • Work-time balancing with artistic and professional pursuits
  • Whether or not Will (our guest, to avoid more confusion!) is an extravert or introvert
  • Reflecting on Will’s excellent cohort and experience at Capilano University in the late 2010s
  • The struggle to find your identity at music school in your youth
  • How Will personally developed as he learned arranging
  • Will’s penchant for project managing and how being a filmmaker as a kid informed him
  • What he aims to accomplish as an educator
  • The Alvin Brendan love-fest including his duo with Amber Tsang at the Fort Langley Jazz Festival
  • Being too hard on yourself
  • What makes a smooth and enjoyable restaurant jazz gig, as learned by Will and Alvin at Piva Restaurant from around 2019-2020
  • Playing turnarounds at the end of jazz standards
  • Getting advice vs. school of hard knocks, and Will and I discuss the areas where we’ve grown most and needed advice
  • Two things I always do for my musician-collaborators to have a better experience working with me
  • What makes a good wedding gig, and one of Will’s favourite party gig stories from a wedding that he played
  • Burnout as an artist and how to keep the creative side of your life active, no matter what
  • one of my biggest mentors, who played an even bigger role in Will’s life