Will Stroet of Will's Jams: Amis avec tout le monde album

Will's story reveals that kids' music is surprisingly correlated with all arts careers

Will Stroet of Will's Jams: Amis avec tout le monde album

Will Stroet, from Will's Jams, is a renowned Canadian children's musician with one of the most unique musical careers you'll discover on the Rhythm Changes Podcast. He got his guitar chops from jamming blues at the Yale as a teenager, earned experience as a teacher and a dad, and left it all out there on the self-produced CBC Kids TV show that bore his name. Will joins us to discuss his new French-language collaborative album with Seeka Sings, Will et Seeka: Amis avec tout le monde.

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Will has hired many Vancouver jazz musicians to play in his band over the years – most notably Kevin Romain and also including Madeleine Elkins, Chad Galpin, Jamie Lee, and more.

Will's Jams is the recording and performing act by Will:

Will’s Jams | Children’s Musician | JUNO Nominee
Will Stroet of Will’s Jams is a JUNO-nominated musician, nationally recognized educator and former CBC Kids TV star. His high-energy rock-pop music in English and French is full of witty wordplay and sing-along choruses, inspiring kids to be active, creative, caring and community-minded. ​

ArtsIQ is a content hub aimed at music educators that includes Will's work:

Arts IQ | Canada’s premiere online performing arts platform

Pebble Star Artists is the booking agency that represents Will and other artist associates, run by Will's wife, Kim Thé:

Pebble Star Artists
Pebble Star Artists is a full-service arts management and booking agency offering the best in family-friendly entertainment for young audiences