Bonnie Northgraves' Big Loud en route to a live recording

The show to be recorded happens tomorrow; here’s what they played & how it felt at the Fox

Bonnie Northgraves' Big Loud en route to a live recording
L-R: Joseph Lubinsky-Mast, Bonnie Northgraves, & Jens Christiansen. Behind in background: Seth Kitamura, Dean Thiessen

Trumpeter and vocalist Bonnie Northgraves celebrated her birthday and led her Big Loud quintet with Jens Christiansen on saxophone, Dean Thiessen on piano keyboard, Joseph Lubinsky-Mast on bass, and Seth Kitamura on drums at the Fox Cabaret on Wednesday, March 20, 2024. The Vancouver Independent Music Centre Society, or VIM House for short, presented the show.

Bonnie's Big Loud is a trad-jazz ensemble, like many of her projects. Her podcast episode was still just six months ago, and she talked about assembling this band toward the end of our conversation.

The Fox, known as the place to be for Millennial pop/rock fans in East Vancouver, has finally become an important venue in our community since this article I wrote two years ago about another VIM-presented concert:

I went to Raagaverse’s first-ever gig at the Fox Cabaret
This quartet, Raagaverse, inspired me last week.

Here's the thing about Bonnie: she is one of those performers whom you can count on to put on a show and entertain an audience in any environment. You can even send your friends to her shows and tell them you know it'll be a good time, regardless of where or when...