Chin Injeti - "Sparrow"

The great cover art for the latest Chin Injeti single “Sparrow” is the work of Injeti’s son, Julian.

Chin Injeti - "Sparrow"

The great cover art for the latest Chin Injeti single “Sparrowis the work of Injeti’s son, Julian.

Credit to Stuart Derdeyn of the Vancouver Sun for a thorough report on where Injeti finds himself lately.

I read it and loved all the quotes and thoughts. For one, there was this:

Injeti admits that he never has an off day. He gets up and creates every day and has done it that way as long as he can remember.

But my favourite part was the casual news dropped at the end, emphasis mine:

“The next Chin single is titled Sparrow. Recorded in his basement with bass, guitar and a drum machine, it drops in late August.”

I noted on the podcast that my friends would all want to hear from an award-winning producer like him when it comes to exclusive content. They would pay up to watch him do his thing.

Well, we don’t have to pay anything to hear “Sparrow”.

It’s both retro-groovy and lo-fi modern, like much of what Injeti does these days. You can hear the fun in his voice as he plays on top of his beat.

In what I guess is the chorus, his vocals pierce through everything with a falsetto ooh. It sounds like a horn!

The guitars, keys, and bass get some choice stereo panning along with the sus chords that keep it moving. The vocals get more rhythmic as the short but dense track builds.

We’re in a golden period of production where top artists like Injeti make music in a casual way.

It’s time to follow their lead!

Choose your streaming platform here and listen to “Sparrow” by Chin Injeti.

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