Dean Thiessen Big Band follow-up

Emphasis on the social aspect

Dean Thiessen Big Band follow-up
Dean Thiessen directs the Stranger Friends Orchestra. Visible L-R back row: Suin Park on piano, Jamie Lee on drums, Jen Kim on bass; Feven Kidane, Rory Hislop, & Thad Bailey-Mai on trumpet. Front row: Chris Fraser on guitar; George McNally, Gregory Dent, & Janine King on trombone.

This past Saturday, Dean Thiessen put on the social event of the year so far for my generation in this scene.

A bunch of my friends hung out in the venue for two hours after the set.

It was the Stranger Friends Orchestra: previously covered in my free weekly article, The Dean Thiessen Big Band debut concert.

Band lineup

  • Saxophones: Brent Mah (alto), John Nicholson & Ardeshir Pourkeramati (tenors), Sofia Avelino (bari)
  • Trumpets: Rory Hislop (lead), Thad Bailey-Mai & Feven Kidane
  • Trombones: Gregory Dent & Janine King, George McNally (bass)
  • Rhythm: Chris Fraser (guitar), Suin Park (piano), Jen Kim (bass), Jamie Lee (drums)