Gentiane MG - Walls Made of Glass, BC Tour Dates

Complex ECM piano trio fueled by tea

Gentiane MG - Walls Made of Glass, BC Tour Dates
Photo: Benoit Rousseau

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Gentiane MG talks about her contemporary jazz piano trio album, Walls Made of Glass, featuring Levi Dover and Louis-Vincent Hamel. She released the album from Montréal on September 23, 2022.

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Walls Made of Glass, by Gentiane MG
10 track album

Walls Made of Glass: Prologue; Flowers Laugh Without Uttering a Sound; Walls Made of Glass; The Moon, the Sun, The Truth; Mésanges; Un pied en dehors du nid; Contemplating Joy; Little Tree; Burning Candle; Epilogue. (44:04)

Personnel: Gentiane MG on piano; Levi Dover on bass; Louis-Vincent Hamel on drums.

We talked about:

  • Gentiane's interest in tea - we compared the drinks we brought to recording online
  • Meeting the two other members of her trio
  • How Gentiane reflects on the previous two albums vs. this one; we go back and forth about the differences we notice between them when looking back at all three today
  • How to deal with a mastering question: what to do about music with a wide dynamic range?
  • Is there a "Suicide is Painless" quote in one of Gentiane's tracks, paying tribute to Bill Evans?
  • Portrait in Jazz by Bill Evans, "Autumn Leaves" from that album, and my connection to this track (via Andre Lachance) that Gentiane loves
  • Going to France as part of the trio's upcoming tour

Gentiane MG bio

Driven by her love of modern jazz and her early training as a classical pianist followed by her development as a jazz pianist, Gentiane MG pilots her trio with a vibrant sense of groove and lyricism, employing impeccable technique, revealing a penchant for bold dynamic arcs and harmony rich in ambiguity and subtle dissonance. To her, the title Walls Made of Glass “symbolizes a quiet space, flooded by daylight as it streams in through transparent walls.”