Ian Cromwell - Locals Lounge

Ian talks about the return of his Vancouver live music initiative, Locals Lounge, to in-person presentations.

Ian Cromwell - Locals Lounge
The original photo for this episode comes from Ian Cromwell's website.

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Ian Cromwell talks about the return of his live music initiative, Locals Lounge, to in-person presentations. His first event of the relaunch will take place on Wednesday, March 9 at Guilt & Company.

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We talked about:

  • A brief recap of Locals Lounge and its history since 2016: where it presented and how it changed in 2020
  • The reputation that Vancouver’s music scene has, according to Ian, and whether or not it’s true that it is a “cliquey” community
  • Why Ian dismisses my common phrase about ‘wearing many hats’, and how he uses his scientific work experience to excel in the Vancouver indie music scene – as well as using it to be a good songwriter
  • How social context adds most of the enjoyment to local music consumption: Ian and I both agree tremendously on this point
  • The matching feelings about small, local gigs that Ian and I have, despite how my Vancouver jazz scene background differs from his
  • The motto of Locals Lounge, and how it comes from what Ian saw in classical music: his own “music scene” background
  • Reliance on your neighbours as something to strive for and as a virtue for Locals Lounge to promote
  • Ian’s burnout episode while reinventing Locals Lounge
  • The surprising lack of data collection by local music presenters; data shared among friends can fight time-wasting duplicate work
  • Montreal, Nashville, New Orleans, and Halifax: inspirational music cities
  • Ian’s music under his own name, Ian Cromwell: his previous project, Unmade, and what might come next for him as an artist