Jacob Soucy - Final Recital

Soulive/Vulfpeck-esque live album from his 3rd year at Humber

Jacob Soucy - Final Recital
L-R: Hiro Tanaka, Emmett Hodgins, Dwit Hathi, Jacob Soucy, Ethan Zabarylo, Curtis Hamm. Photo: Carolina Lopez

Final Recital is, well, the final recital performed by Jacob Soucy in his third year at Humber College. Jacob has uploaded a full YouTube video of the recital, and it's also available on Bandcamp and streaming platforms.

Jacob came to Toronto from the Okanagan; the members of daysormay are his friends from there and have credits as mixing assistants on the album.

Flexing his developing skills, Jacob led mixing and mastering himself and is down to experiment with all that it means to get your name out online these days, as you can see from his past YouTube videos.