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One cool and convenient thing about this website is that there are no passwords; in the future, you can always log in by just typing in your email address (which is your 'username') -> you get emailed the login link -> you're logged in. Just wanted to single-out this feature before getting into the FAQs below.

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Some of my favourite free weekly articles to-date

The Dean Thiessen Big Band debut concert
An interview with Dean about his upcoming event in Burnaby
Thad Bailey-Mai’s superpower
Thad’s time is coming; here’s the key factor that’ll put him over.
“Just go and build the band”: Sister Jazz Orchestra
An interview with Christian Morrison of Sister Jazz Orchestra

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How do I login to the website?

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The first step is to add my Rhythm Changes email address to your address book / contacts.

When you can’t find an email, check your Promotions folder and spam folders. Please drag the email back to your inbox when you find one in there, and then archive/delete it however you normally do.

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