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Interview: Paul returns to town next week playing several times
Jill Townsend: Jazz Orchestra + Sharon Minemoto Trio
The two bands are sharing a bill at the Annex on April 15th
Mike Allen Trio, with John Lee & Carl Allen: To A Star
3 tracks recorded at the Warehouse, the rest live at Frankie’s
The Chris Davis Concern: two-trumpet gig After Dark
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What is the free weekly article?

The free weekly article at Rhythm Changes gives you a great artist, event, or recording to enjoy and share – plus this week's upcoming Vancouver jazz gigs from our list.

I started writing it to less than 100 people in early 2022, and now hundreds of people have become a member for free to get it delivered every Tuesday morning. Plus, it's not just me writing anymore: there are several paid contributors from the jazz scene.

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Sometimes non-profits/charities/community initiatives appear in your sponsor segments, or you link to them. Do they pay for that?

No, those would be my editorial/community decisions. Only where I use the word sponsor, as in, "Thank you to ____ for sponsoring this article" did someone pay for the placement. I'm proud to stay up-to-date with and ideally support various local non-profit arts initiatives; if you have one, please share it with me.

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