What do you think about Facebook?

I wrote the word "Facebook" 11 times in this Update and now feel icky.

What do you think about Facebook?
I could've made it look even more messy, but I cropped out the sidebar.

Today's brief update is a question, and my own answer: What do you think about Facebook?

It's not the first time I've thought about it.


In episode two of the Rhythm Changes Podcast, I was stunned when Ilhan Saferali – then a teenager! – sold Facebook hard (time of the episode: 17:00):

"Every time I meet a jazz musician like around my age, or a peer, and they don't have Facebook, I'm like, 'Yo dude, you've got to get on Facebook.' Because I've gotten so many gigs just through Facebook messages. I've networked through Facebook."

And last summer, I wrote about a negative interaction where someone discovered that I had no Facebook account.

As you can see from the screenshot at the top of this post, I have one now, so that I can post a little bit on a page. I have zero Friends. (I know that at least one subscriber here doesn't have an account today. Nice work!)

Forget about Instagram, WhatsApp, or anything else right now: just the big blue app.

The only reason I still use Facebook