Aidan Goheen - Joining Early Spirit

How often do you get to hear a conversation between a band’s original member and the new musician who replaced them?

Aidan Goheen - Joining Early Spirit
Early Spirit Productions contributed the original photo for this episode. Christopher Edmonstone is the photographer.

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Aidan Goheen talks about how he replaced me in the band Early Spirit during 2021.

We talked about:

  • Which bands Aidan has been in before Early Spirit
  • Early Spirit’s shows of summer 2021 and Aidan’s first gigs since joining
  • The band’s audience demographic and how Aidan can get used to it
  • Doing a photoshoot with Christopher Edmonstone
  • What it’s like being bandmates with Ben Kelly, J. Knutson, and Gabriel Dubreuil
  • Aidan’s role as another driver for the band on the road, which I never could provide
  • Bonding with Gabriel over outdoor activities, and what Aidan taught him how to do
  • Our thoughts on how a band can made a change of members work well for everyone
  • How a new band member needs two big-picture things to have a good time as they join the operation
  • Early Spirit’s recording time at Monarch Studios in October 2021, and Jay’s role in the studio
  • The biggest difference in how Early Spirit works in the studio compared to Aidan’s other band
  • His confession about his studio experience in the folk genre
  • What Aidan does to make Early Spirit fit into his school-teaching schedule, and what role the band has in his day-to-day
  • How music teachers can inspire their students with their extracurricular life
  • What Early Spirit needs for a great year in 2022
  • A crucial question about the balance of the band