Anita Eccleston - So It Goes with Confidence

Anita's influences range from Amy Winehouse to Brad Turner, and from Radiohead to Dolly Parton.

Anita Eccleston - So It Goes with Confidence
The original photo for this episode comes from Anita Eccleston's website. Tamea Burd is the photographer.

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Anita Eccleston covers her whole artist’s journey to date. Her influences range from Amy Winehouse to Brad Turner and Radiohead to Dolly Parton.

We talked about:

  • Gardening
  • Anita’s parents were both musicians who got real jobs
  • Growing up in Kamloops and going to Vancouver to buy Anita‘s first trumpet
  • Kamloops Interior Summer School of Music programs
  • Early figures to look up to like Ingrid Stitt and Metalwood
  • What it feels like to finally hit a jazz lick and feel like a young improviser
  • Coming to terms with your rock band breaking up in your youth
  • The enduring influence of Brad Turner
  • Going to McGill with saxophonist Al McLean, bassist Graham Clark, trumpeter Andy King, Jim & Chet Doxas, Matt Warnock, Anna Ruddick, and a member of Arcade Fire
  • How Montréal tested Anita’s confidence
  • Going DIY in the MySpace era after moving back to BC
  • Generational tropes
  • The case for what Dan Mangan and Side Door Access are doing
  • Anita’s gig at the 2021 Vancouver Jazz Festival
  • The Socratic confidence Anita has now that she didn’t have in her early twenties
  • The making of Anita’s projects
  • Songwriting insights from Gordon Lightfoot, Dan Mangan, and Emily Carr
  • The constraints of jazz music culture when it comes to how much rehearsal time you get
  • Our favourite Radiohead albums
  • Being in on the Radiohead song “True Love Waits” long before it came out on an album
  • Anita’s gigs with her twin sister Liz under the name Girl A Girl B
  • Our longing to enjoy jazzfest
  • Wanting to crossover the genre on Anita’s upcoming music
  • The downfall of PledgeMusic
  • What she would do for merch and funding on her next project
  • Playing with Kerry Galloway at one of Anita’s last gigs before the pandemic
  • What if BC had a Banff Centre
  • Brasstronaut and Sam Davidson bringing out Anita
  • Her favourite number for her upcoming jazzfest gig
  • the total number of her all-time gigs she has listed on her website