Shruti Ramani: Vocals, Raagaverse, Ostara Project Tour

Shruti talks about her band Raagaverse, her tour with Ostara, and album plans for 2023

Shruti Ramani Raagaverse photo
Photo: Diane Smithers

On the Rhythm Changes Podcast, Shruti Ramani talks about her band Raagaverse, featuring Noah Franche-Nolan on piano, Jodi Proznick on bass, and Nicholas Bracewell on drums. Shruti is a vocalist who is also a current member of the Ostara Project, having toured with the supergroup in the fall of 2022.

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Born in the South Indian state of Kerala, Shruti moved with her family to Mumbai, where she was raised. After that, she studied at KM Music Conservatory in Chennai before moving to Canada. In BC, Shruti attended Vancouver Island University for two years before finishing her degree in jazz at Capilano University.

I attended Raagaverse's first gig at the Fox Cabaret in March 2022 and wrote about it:

The Fox Cabaret is an unexpectedly good jazz venue
This quartet, Raagaverse, inspired me last week.