The Vancouver Folk Music Festival looks at dissolving

The 2023 festival is canceled, and the non-profit is thinking to dissolve for good.

Vancouver Folk Music Festival
Photo: Erik Price, courtesy of Vancouver Folk Music Festival Society

This year marks 45 years since the Vancouver Folk Music Festival's founding. My connections to the festival go back to 1987, almost a decade before I was born, when Spirit of the West – featuring my friend and former bandmate Jay – played there. Now, a chapter closes: the 2023 festival is canceled, and the non-profit society plans to dissolve for good.

(Coastal Jazz is on a better but still too-interesting trajectory.)

The media outlets had their stories out on Tuesday when the news dropped, so you might not be hearing it here first. It's sad news. When we took a look at some 2022 VFMF artists in this Update from last year, I didn't see any trouble on the horizon...