I have 258 of these left

How to move them?

I have 258 of these left
Aim to Stay and I

Ah, CDs. I've ordered them for one album of mine, which I released in 2020.

For those who haven't heard it:

Aim to Stay by William Chernoff

It's a mainstream jazz quartet album that features – as 20-year-olds – me, Thad Bailey-Mai, Jonny Tobin, and Bobby Wiens or Carson Tworow (look at that, we've covered all the bases).

Aim to Stay, by William Chernoff
8 track album

The story of actually making the album, written upon release in 2020, can be found here now:

My first jazz album took 5 years to make
I made my first solo album, Aim to Stay by William Chernoff, without ever having a plan. Got a passion project on the backburner? It’s still there for yo…

I ordered a solid number of CDs, as many artists do...