I have 258 of these left

How to move them?

Aim to Stay (William Chernoff)
Aim to Stay and I

Ah, CDs. I've ordered them for one album of mine, which I released in 2020.

For those who haven't heard it:

Aim to Stay by William Chernoff

It's a mainstream jazz quartet album that features – as 20-year-olds – me, Thad Bailey-Mai, Jonny Tobin, and Bobby Wiens or Carson Tworow (look at that, we've covered all the bases).

Aim to Stay, by William Chernoff
8 track album

The story of actually making the album, written upon release in 2020, can be found here now:

My first jazz album took 5 years to make
I made my first solo album, Aim to Stay by William Chernoff, without ever having a plan. Got a passion project on the backburner? It’s still there for yo…

I ordered a solid number of CDs, as many artists do...

Back in my former band Early spirit, going for it would've been a smart decision, because we actually did sell a fair number of CDs – but we were too timid in the early months to make a big order and ended up spending far more on repeat orders of 500.

For me on Aim to Stay, the publicist took custody of 200 CDs, sending back 20 unused ones later. That was 180 CDs for a campaign that earned a couple Earshot charting moments, some international spins, and maybe two dozen reviews. Par for the course, I'd say, even if it was the wrong executive decision.

There's 258 CDs left in my house, so... I've moved the rest somehow. Some sales, quite a few comps.

It's my intention to part with all 258 of these. And while I'm coming to think goals will be the death of me, I'm in search of some practices that might allow me to do this by the occasion of Aim to Stay's third birthday: October 2, 2023. [Edit from the future: I originally wrote 2022, the second birthday, but that was far too ambitious!]

Here are 5 tactics I'm using to move my inventory:

Offstage sales

It's the classic bread-and-butter of independent CD selling – there will be gigs this fall, and it's the only CD I'll have for those who want it.

While I don't think my second album's release night is a good place to sell my first album – especially because the new one won't have any CDs! – I'll play other gigs alongside the official release show, and those are perfect for selling some copies.

If I sell five to ten copies per gig, that'd be nice. So that's maybe 40 copies I can move this fall, and perhaps 100 in a full year of around one gig per month.

Free advertising

[Edit from the future: I ended up designing a new placement in the emails that functions this way...]