23 students, 5 bands: the Fraser MacPherson Jazz Fundraiser

A full house of Cap combo recitals at Frankie's

23 students, 5 bands: the Fraser MacPherson Jazz Fundraiser
L-R: Glenn Lemieux on piano, Robin Comeau on trumpet, Steve Kaldestad on tenor saxophone, & Robert Helgason on guitar in the first combo at Frankie's on March 31, 2022.

The Fraser MacPherson Fundraiser at Frankie's

You won't get a more comprehensive dose of local jazz students' talent than this: a fundraiser for the Fraser MacPherson Jazz Fund (FMJF), held at Frankie's last Thursday, March 31, 2022.

The FMJF is a non-profit organization that provides local jazz students with scholarships and workshops, so this event is a perfect brand match – all the more so because Cory Weeds is now the president on FMJF's board.

At the fundraiser, mostly fourth-year students at Capilano University performed their ensemble recitals ("combo class") with some faculty – Brad Turner, Steve Kaldestad and more – as guests.

This roundup of the night's five combos will walk you through some of the outstanding traits on display by the up-and-coming musicians.

Here's who all performed, and what music they played...