Caity's razor

Avoid publicity expenses until someone's asking for it.

Caity's razor
Post by @caitygyorgy on Instagram of April 8, 2022

Philosophical razors

Do you know what a philosophical razor is? It's a concept that focuses on a simple truth, helping you avoid thinking (or doing) far-gone and unnecessary things.

Philosophical razor - Wikipedia

The most well-known one is Occam's razor; you can find it through the link above. But let's check out the phrasing of Alder's razor there:

"If something cannot be settled by experiment or observation, then it is not worthy of debate."

Avoid ___, unless ____. I'll come back to that format, but first, we need to go on a journey:

  • The music at-hand
  • A comment by Laila Biali
  • The culture of music publicity, and why people sometimes break it

Let's start with the music.

"It Might as Well Be Spring (feat. Kyle Pogline)" - Caity Gyorgy

Caity Gyorgy released this single on Friday, April 8, 2022 via La Reserve Records:

It Might as Well Be Spring
Caity Gyorgy · Song · 2022

Caity's success around this release has put her in the top tier of Canadian vocal jazz artists on streaming platforms. As of the time I write:

  • Her songs have 25 placements on Spotify's editorial playlists
  • The majority (14) of those placements were added this week, on the occasion of releasing "It Might as Well Be Spring"

This doesn't happen by accident, and these results show that La Reserve and Caity have a strong campaign together. It's not a free lunch – someone's paying for the publicity service through a flat fee, a revenue share, or both – but this expense on publicity is working.

Caity's La Reserve era includes her EP Now Pronouncing, which got nominated for a Juno; but she had plenty of momentum, which you might call organic success, before this era. It came from things like the liftaday account on Instagram, the generous disposition that the best teacher-performers carry everywhere they go, and the work ethic that made Angela Verbrugge say on the Rhythm Changes Podcast about Caity, "I know that [...]  she's going to be on the road and in high demand as a headliner".

La Reserve wants to pitch Caity's music professionally and get these great results, but they can't manufacture it out of whole cloth. They need their reps to say in the correspondence with Spotify editors, "Look at the work she's been putting in."

And they have these conversations beyond just Spotify – which is how they also get Caity featured on Amazon Music editorial playlists, as well as on Pandora.

Speaking of Pandora, Caity's post on Instagram about Pandora is where Laila Biali left the comment that sparked this Update...